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How to reduce the oil content of cake:

Ways to reduce the oil content of cake in soybean processing

1) The main thing that affects the residual oil content of soybean meal is the moisture content of the raw materials.

The optimum moisture content of soybeans (for pressing in oil presses OR-1000) is 8 ... 9%.

With this moisture content of the raw materials, you will receive cake with a residual oil content of 7 ... 8%.

An increase in humidity for every 2% will increase the residual oil content by 1 ... 1.5%.

Reducing the moisture content of raw materials below 7% - also affects the oil yield and increases the residual oil content in the cake.

2) Reducing the gap in the output node ("tighten the head") can reduce the oil content of the cake by 0.5 ... 1.0%.

But this action increases the yield of scree / collapse through the gaps between the grain strips.

3) The increase in speed on the shaft of the oil press - will increase the oil content of the cake.

Decrease in turns - reduces oil content.

But a decrease in speed leads to:

  • increase the load on the oil press motor
  • increased scree / collapse through gaps between the grain strips
  • reduce the productivity of the oil press (and the entire soybean processing line

To reduce the speed on the press shaft, we recommend using a frequency converter for the oil press motor.